Prepaying a Funeral

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Le Pine's funeral directors offer experienced care

Goodbyes happen every day and they can take many different forms too. From a "see you later" to a formal farewell; they can occur when we leave home for the day or when we end a phase in our life; such as the end of a relationship, a course of study, or even when we join a different team at work.

There is one goodbye that happens to each of us only once; our very own funeral. And this "goodbye" is too important to leave to chance.

There is one way to make sure your goodbye is how you wish it to be, and that is to arrange a Prepaid Funeral Plan from Drysdale Funerals. Whatever funeral you would like, celebratory or in keeping with your faith and culture, arranging it in advance means your goodbye will be as you wish it to be.

At Drysdale Funerals, we specialise in tailoring funeral services to your individual and unique needs.

Being involved in arranging your own funeral has a number of important benefits:

Make your funeral speak to the real 'you', whether that’s through a service of celebration or one in keeping with your faith and culture

  • Make a daunting time for family and friends easier by arranging many of the elements of a special goodbye in advance, and
  • Protect loved ones financially by paying a funeral in today's prices so that there will be no more to pay when it comes time to say goodbye.

Our funeral directors have seen first-hand how prepaying a funeral is an affordable way to plan for these costs. They also know the comfort this provides to those who will need it most; your family and friends after you are gone.

Speak to Drysdale Funerals on 5449 9383 and learn more about how involving yourself in your own goodbye will benefit you and your family. You can also make an online enquiry which we will respond to promptly.