Education Seminars

The funeral directors from Drysdale regularly conduct education and training workshops for groups who wish to be supported while they deal with grief.

Grief is not openly talked about, however in our experience many people will benefit from the opportunity to hear information about this topic, to listen to the questions other people ask as well as asking questions of their own.

Drysdale's information seminars focus on the nature of grief, on the effects of different sorts of bereavement and on the communication skills necessary to respond effectively to those in grief. They are practical and informative sessions designed to give you the benefit of our experience as funeral directors. We are also able to talk to groups about a range of other topics such as:

  • The benefits of planning a funeral in advance, and
  • Funeral myths and misconceptions.

Our courses are ideal for people who have experienced loss, for carers, volunteers, businesses, schools and church communities as well as for counsellors and medical professionals.

If you have recently lost someone or a loss has affected a group you are involved with, for example a sporting club or workplace, give us a call on (07) 5449 9383 and we will arrange for an experienced funeral director to come along to talk about coping with loss and grief.

You can also find information about upcoming seminars in the events section of this site.