Coping with Grief Overview

Grief is a normal and natural emotional response and Drysdale's funeral directors understand that, at least for a time, grief caused by the loss of a loved one can lead to an all-consuming sadness. Coping with this loss often requires a substantial emotional and physical effort and can sometimes be overwhelming.

When faced with a major life challenge it is normal for a person to experience a wide range of physical and emotional responses. This includes numbness, denial, confusion, shock, sadness, yearning, anger, despair and guilt. These are all common emotional responses for a person grieving.

People deal with death very differently, and no-one experiences a loss in exactly the same way. The grieving process takes time and healing usually happens gradually. Your feelings of loss and sadness may never go away, but with time the grief will lighten.

In this section you will find information on managing grief, the answers to some frequently asked questions on the topic of grief and information on some of the resources we are aware of to assist you with your journey with grief.


MyGriefAssist is an online resource that provides further helpful information on grief and loss. You can visit the MyGriefAssist website here.

MyGriefAssist is an online resource website providing information on coping with grief and loss.

Grief and its Impact

Drysdale’s caring and experienced funeral directors realise that grief is a human response. It can be caused by any significant ...

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Answers to Questions on Grief

Drysdale Funerals is committed to supporting the people of the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas as they deal with grief and loss. Using ...

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Education Seminars

The funeral directors from Drysdale regularly conduct education and training workshops for groups who wish to be supported while they deal with grief. ...

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Books and Other Resources

There are many local community organisations that will provide support, as well as some larger well known organisations that work ...

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