Working at Drysdale

Being a funeral director with Drysdale Funerals

Drysdale's funeral directors offer experienced careIt is a great privilege to be asked by a family to organise a goodbye to a loved one, one that is as unique as the person they have loved.

It takes a special type of person to do this role and Drysdale Funerals' staff specialise in listening to a family's needs, understanding their emotions, as well as, through them, getting to know the person who is now gone.

We then use our care and experience to arrange a funeral service that celebrates the life, loves, interests and accomplishments of the deceased.

Our staff must be able to see through the shock and impact of a passing, and offer support and comfort to the bereaved. We then make suggestions about how all the moments of a loved one's life can be shared in an uplifting ceremony: one that reminds guests at the service of just how much pleasure, laughter and good company centres around the loved one who is now gone.

If you feel you have the life experience, the wisdom, and the understanding to know that every goodbye is different, we would love to hear from you.

You can send us an Expression of Interest in becoming a Drysdale funeral director by using this form.